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Spring Smoothie: Frozen Lemonade

Fosen Lemonade is back!

Available Spring through Summer. Pure refreshment. Bright and sweet boasting sun-kissed lemons.
Add a syrup! Strawberry, Cherry, Coconut, give it any twist you wish  

Due to scarcity from our providers, the featured smoothie might change, but it will always be interesting and delicious.

Blueberry Flavor

Add a subtle fruity flavor to your drinks this spring.

The aroma of ripe blueberry combines well with lattes, mochas, lemonades, Italian Sodas, hot or iced teas and any white mocha.

Try Blueberry White Mocha, Frozen Mango Berry smoothie or

Blueberry Cobbler Latte.













Lime Flavor

Give your drinks a summery twist with this flavor.

This syrup has a mild citrus aroma with a tart, sweet lime taste. Works best in iced or frozen drinks, like:

Mojito soda, lime and mint syrups with soda water.

Mango Lime, a mango smoothie with lime.

Lime iced tea, black, green or mint iced tea with lime.







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