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SpriNg Smoothie: Frozen lemonade

Frozen Lemonade is back!  Available now until the first day of fall. 
Pure refreshment. Bright and sweet boasting sun-kissed lemons. 

Coconut flavor

  Give your drinks a tropical twist with this flavor. 
This versatile syrup has a sweet, rich coconut aroma and taste. Try it hot or iced, in a mocha, latte, frozen drink, lemonade, soda, or tea, like:

Simple  and delicious Coconut Cremosa or Coconut Iced Tea. 

On point Coconut Cream Pie Latte or Toasted Coconut Breve.

Or  brilliant Island Monkey or Tropical Fro-J


Bringing a subtle sweet flavor to celebrate spring. The aroma of violet blossom combines well with lemonades, Italian Sodas, hot or iced teas and any white mocha.

The beloved African violet iced tea is black iced tea with violet and pure cane syrups.  The delicious violet lemonade will surprise your taste buds. And the violet gives a twist to any white mocha drink, hot, iced or frozen.

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