Titan Blend:

Our house coffee. Sweet aroma, tastes of malt and honey. Rich, full body. Medium-light roast. Origin: Central America, Africa, Indonesia.


Organic Decaf:

100% Swiss Water Process, no chemicals. Rich, full body, floral aroma. Tastes of toasted grain. Origin: Central and South America


Organic Costa Rica :

Fair trade certified. Fleshy fruit notes of peach and bing cherry, traces of hazelnut. Medium body, soft acidity, well balanced.  Origin: Central America


Organic French Roast:

Fair trade certified. Bold, smooth, mellow acidity. Hints of sugar, molasses, chocolate. Origin: The Americas


Hyperion Blend:

Strong, heavy body. Smoky aroma. Tastes of toasted oak. Dark roast. Origin: Central and South America, Indonesia.



Strong, heavy body. Toasted oak aroma. Tastes of earthy and bittersweet chocolate. Dark roast. Origin: Indonesia.


Espresso Vita:

Roasted for the perfect Caffe Latte. Strong note of caramel when combined with milk. Incredible body makes it ideal for drip coffee and plunger pot methods as well.


Decaf Espresso Vita:

Same notes of caramel and incredible body as our Espresso Vita, decaffeinated 100% Swiss Water Process. The tastiest decaf you’ll try.



Espresso Drinks



Our single espresso is a 1 1/4 ounce Ristretto shot, which is a more concentrated shot, served in a Demitasse cup.


Espresso Macchiato:

Espresso, literally, “marked” with an equal portion of steamed milk, served in a demitasse cup.


The Psycho:

A staff favorite, this is a Quad (4 shots) Latte in an 8 oz. cup.



Espresso with uniformly steamed milk. Featuring latte art on the top.



Espresso with milk steamed to produce a velvety foam cap on top.



Espresso with uniformly steamed, creamy Half & Half.



Espresso with steamed chocolate milk, made with our own blend of gourmet cocoa powder and sugar, topped with our own whipped cream.


White Chocolate Mocha:

Espresso with steamed skim white chocolate milk, made with our white chocolate powder, topped with our own whipped cream.


Dirty Chai:

Chai Latte “dirtied” with a double espresso shot.


Red Eye:

Your choice of our brewed coffees and a double espresso added to it.



 Espresso over hot water, very flavorful.



Coffee and other Hot Drinks


Fresh Brewed Coffee:

A rotating selection of coffees, described above, featuring different coffee regions of the world. Always fresh.

Cafe Au Lait:

Drip Coffee topped with steamed milk.


Chai Latte:

Oregon Chai Tea concentrate mixed with milk and then steamed to a velvety texture.


Apple Cider:

Apple cider steamed hot with your choice of flavored syrup or plain. The suggested flavors are caramel and cinnamon.


Hot Chocolate:

Made with our special blend of chocolate milk and topped with our own whipped cream.


White Hot Chocolate:

Steamed homemade white chocolate milk, topped with whipped cream. Only available in skim milk.



Hot steamed milk with your choice of syrup flavor or plain.



Hot Teas


Black Teas:

 English Breakfast, Darjeeling, and Decaf Ceylon.


Flavored Black Tea:

Paris (A fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, it contains a hint of lemony Bergamot.


Green Teas:

Dragon Pearl Jasmine, Japanese Sencha, Citrus Green


Herbal Teas:

Peppermint, Chamomile


Iced Teas

Steeped in small quantities to ensure freshness we offer three varieties. They come unsweetened, a liquid sweetener or syrup can be added for an additional charge. Slice of lemon is available.


Black Iced Teas:

English Breakfast


Green Iced Tea

Citrus Green


Herbal Iced Tea



Iced Espresso Drinks


Iced Latte:

Espresso over ice and cold milk.


Iced Breve:

Espresso over ice and cold Half & Half.


Iced Mocha:

 Espresso over ice and cold chocolate milk, topped with whipped cream.


Iced White Mocha:

Espresso over ice and cold skim white chocolate milk, topped with whipped cream.


Iced Dirty Chai:

 Espresso and cold Chai Latte over ice.


Iced Red Eye:

Espresso over our Iced Coffee. For a description of our Iced Coffee, look under the Cold Drinks Menu


Iced Americano:

Simple and strong, espresso over iced water.


Frozen Blended Drinks:


Frozen Chai:

Chai concentrate and white chocolate powder blended with ice.



Fresh orange juice and white chocolate powder blended with ice. Tastes like an orange creamsicle.


Frozen Mocha:

A blend of our chocolate milk, espresso, and white chocolate powder. Milk substitution available in chocolate soy.


Frozen White Mocha:

A blend of milk, espresso and white chocolate powder.



Our most popular frozen drink! It’s our Frozen Mocha with a real banana blended in.


Elvis Monkey:

A Frozen Mocha blended with a real banana and peanut butter flavored syrup.


Protein Shake:

 6 ounces of skim milk and vanilla whey protein powder blended with ice. Any milk can be substituted. Popular additions include a banana, espresso, white chocolate powder, or syrup. Available in 16 ounce size only.


Fred Shake:

A FREDericksburg favorite, this protein shake is made with almond milk, protein powder, espresso, and a banana blended with ice. 16 oz.  size only.


 Frozen Concentrates:

These concentrates are delicious mixes of fruit puree, fruit juice, and ice. No added sugars, just the sugar from fruit and juices.  Always available in popular flavors like Strawberry, Mango, etc.  


Seasonal –

The Fall and Winter months welcome the Frapple, a blend of tasty apples. The Spring and Summer months are home to the Frozen Lemonade, a favorite!


Cold Drinks:


Iced Coffee:

We make our iced coffee using a cold brew process creating a smooth low acid/low caffeine beverage. There is no dairy or sweeteners in this beverage, taste first and then add condiments as you would a hot cup of coffee.


Iced Chai:

A mixture of Oregon Chai Original Concentrate and cold milk over ice.


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade:

We make our lemonade with the juice of fresh squeezed lemons, sugar and filtered water.


Fresh Orange Juice


Italian Sodas:

Refreshing blend of soda water and choice of Monin syrup. Add half & Half for a smoother, richer Cremosa.



Canned Coke and Diet Coke Bottled Coke, made in Mexico using pure cane sugar


Bottled Waters:

Small and large bottles of Fiji water Small bottles of Perrier mineral water  


Bottled Juices:

Bottled Nantucket Nectars in Pomegranate Pear or Peach Orange flavors


For the Kids:

Boxed Horizon Organic Chocolate milk,  Minute Made Apple or Mixed Berry juice boxes



Delivered Daily by Uptown Bakers, we offer a variety of pastries on a rotating menu that include Muffins, Scones, Danish, Croissants, Cookies, Bagels, etc.




Packaged Items:

We provide pre-packed items from various companies.


Lenka Bars:

Handmade granola bars from Pennsylvania made with organic granola and real food ingredients. Flavors rotate


THEproteinBAKERY brownies:

available in various flavors


Berkshire Biscotti:

available in various flavors Berkshire


Biscotti Gluten Free mini biscotti:

flavor rotates


Sweet Street:

Peruvian Chocolate Brownie, Toffee Blondie, and GF Browned Butter Chewy Marshmallow Squares