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Fall Smoothie: Green Apple Frapple

The taste of fall in a smoothie!

Ripe, a little tart, delicious apple concentrate is the base for this smoothie.

Add caramel, cinnamon, cherry or any of the seasonal syrups.
Enjoy it fall through winter.

Due to scarcity from our providers, the featured smoothie might change, but it will always be interesting and delicious.

A Holidays favorite!!!


”Tis the season to enjoy a little peppermint syrup in any of your favorite drinks.  Also available in Zero Sugar.

Try it on a Steamer or Hot Chocolate.  On a Latte, hot or iced. On a Mocha or White Mocha it works well hot, iced, even frozen.









Gingerbread in your drink!!!

You can add the aroma of gingerbread cookie and cinnamon to your favorite drink.  Sweet, molasses, ginger, nutmeg flavor.

Try in Latte, White Mocha, Coffee, Chai, Cider.  Even frozen, in a Frosted Gingerbread Man (frozen Chai with Gingerbread syrup). It’s the flavor of the season.












Dairy based, made with cream, sugar and egg yolks, cut with milk.  The flavor is sweet, nutmeg and creamy.
Our eggnog drinks are half eggnog and half whole milk, but you can request an alternative milk.

We recommend an Eggnog Steamer, an Eggnog Latte, or an Eggnog Au Lait.










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